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by Dovecote

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released October 4, 2013

Thanks to Ashvin Prakash and Joseph Arcos for feedback. Ashvin plays bass, drums on "Made in America." Thanks for listening.

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Dovecote Chicago, Illinois

Chicago based guitarist and composer.

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Track Name: Fools
Don’t don’t don’t make a sound
I just want to hear you breathe
Of course probably i
Could carry something heavy
I want to put it with you
Work out something clean
That blossoms, rolling forward
Through a marvelous storm

And when things clear that I see now.... we’re always near

I know this one avenue
Is taken by fools
But fear is nothing
And that thought I keep close

I want you to mirror
my body laying back
bent like an animal
don’t need to use your eyes
So softly following
Following a star across the sky
That’s the path we’ll always go
Another generation rising rising
Track Name: Made in America
I'm working every night. My girl works every day. In the time between i just want to lay in her arms. If I had a piece of land I could take her away from this lousy place. We'd disappear without a trace. That's how we'd do.
We're made in America.

I quit my job today. Gonna hang out on a star. Ain't got no need for no phone no house no car. Don't need no body for gravity to bust. Don't know why the world must be unjust.

Don't pay no taxes now. Don't make no pleas. I make my profits from the underbelly. I'll scratch, defraud and smile to protect my own.
I was made in America.

I wonder if there's any other way things could pan out. Sometimes I feel so low I think "what's the use in trying?"
I've got to pick myself back up.
Track Name: Looking Yown from Yigh
Mama, I'm an alcoholic arms dealer. It's the best I could do, because I couldn't make it as a Shaolin master. So do I give up? Do I give up? Do I start again?

I'm calling you from the deep south side. I don't know what you heard. It was not clear. But I'm smeared just right to have this talk on confidence. Which I see in the midnight sky

So come on and dance. Dance harder!

One thing I remember from my training that lasted... One thing I remember is

Looking Yown from on Yigh.